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a message from rww’S FOUNDER AND TEACHER:

When I talk about “us” at Rockaway Writers’ Workshop, I am honoring the community of Rockaway writers, residents, and business owners that make my workshop possible. At the moment, however, I am RWW’s only employee. In 2017, I have--for better or worse--taken on the role of webmaster, graphic designer, marketing manager, and communications addition to teaching the actual workshops.

My community model offers workshop series for $200 less than similar classes in the Manhattan and Brooklyn. Right now, RWW is not quite breaking even. When we don't break even, I make up he difference out-of-pocket...and CUNY Adjunct pockets aren't all that deep.

This year’s success delights and inspires me, but every new project drastically increases my behind-the-scenes Workshop workload. As we close the book on 2018, I am reaching out to ask your help in firmly establishing Rockaway Writers’ Workshop as a “we.” With your generosity, this fundraiser will lay the groundwork for guest teachers, comprehensive community programs, accessible online classes, and a permanent workshop location.

Donations will also help me to launch ad campaigns to spread the word about RWW. The community model CAN be sustainable if I can increase enrollment. Your donations will help to fund marketing campaigns essential to filling classes.

Many thanks for your continued support!


Claire Van Winkle

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