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no strings attached:

untangling our romance with writing

When you write, what is it that moves you? Whose hands impress upon the body of your work? Is your heart the one your readers hear beating in the meter of your prose and verse? How attached are you to your original ideas…and how willing are you to let them go?

In No Strings Attached we will use journaling strategies and creative techniques to identify our motivations, exploring the influences of cerebral concepts, personal experience, informal feedback, and marketability on our efforts. We will use critical thought to help us as we open our hearts, practicing a range of approaches to our work—having one-night-stands with low-stakes exercises, giving old inspirations a second chance, and taking the risk to commit to projects that just might become the real thing.

This series will also address how to incorporate the responses of fellow workshoppers—or not—as you revise your writing.

RWW workshops are open to all genres, skill levels, and areas of interest.

Wednesdays  2/6/19-3/13/19   (5:45pm-7:45pm at  Cuisine by Claudette )   Saturdays  2/2/19-3/6/19   (1pm-3pm at  Epstein’s Beach )

Wednesdays 2/6/19-3/13/19 (5:45pm-7:45pm at Cuisine by Claudette)

Saturdays 2/2/19-3/6/19 (1pm-3pm at Epstein’s Beach)