Rockaway Writers' Workshop offers weekly sessions in groups of 6. Each 6-week session is organized around a theme designed to engage all levels of writers, providing a point of focus for those new to RWW and keeping things fresh for returning students. Committing to an entire workshop allows you to benefit more fully from lesson plans while honing your discipline and building productive long-term writing habits. Writers who commit to full attendance save $25 on overall tuition. 

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Saturdays 2pm-4pm beginning 6/24 (meeting at 157 Beach 122nd Street) Tuesdays 4pm-6pm beginning 7/11(meeting at the Rockaway Brewing Company)

Saturdays 2pm-4pm beginning 6/24 (meeting at 157 Beach 122nd Street)

Tuesdays 4pm-6pm beginning 7/11(meeting at the Rockaway Brewing Company)

This workshop's theme resonates with the traditional notion that the truth must be bent to accurately encompass the stories of the sea... The weight of a catch depends not on the size of the fish, but on the magnitude of the fisherman's story.

Fish Stories: The Life & Times of the Unreliable Narrator will explore the world from the varying perspectives of the many "I"s who make up our everyday lives. Journal and memoir enthusiasts will discuss how the "I"s of childhood and other chapters of our lives differ from the narrators we've become. Writers of prose and poetry will apply similar insights to the development of their literary speakers and characters. Creative writers of all genres will craft internal and external dialogue to represent the fact that fictional characters are only human; they tell the truth as they know it and stretch it as they see fit—lying (sometimes unwittingly) to each other, to the reader, and even to themselves.


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telling time

a six-week workshop for all genres & levels of experience

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Timing is everything. We all know it, but the punch line is that our experience of time is rarely in our control. We may try to live in the moment, but our busy lives parcel out our time from alarm to alert to text to tweet and on and on and on... That said, our experience of the past belies this present tension; for better or worse, our memories are momentous, exposing the action behind the scenes of the schedules and scripts of every-day life. All writing requires us to consider past, present and future. So how should we go about telling time?

As writers, we must be keenly aware that our readers are giving us their time. How will we use it? How will the pacing of our poetry and prose affect the experience of our readers? Will our novel worlds welcome them, or will we end up out of sync? This workshop will focus on the use of time, addressing not only the art of flashback (and flashforward), but also issues including but not limited to the pacing of dialogue, moving narrative forward by letting time stand still, bringing "dead time" to life, and allocating page space to guide our readers in real time.

This workshop welcomes writers of all genres and levels of experience. Feel free to enroll for the entire 6-Week Workshop, or get a class card and drop in whenever you like! 

If you're wondering what writing can do for you, just give it a try... Only time will tell.

Workshops meet Saturdays from 2pm-4pm at 157 Beach 122nd Street.


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telling your story, start to finish

This workshop is meant for writers seeking to make real progress on book-length projects. The tuition includes 6 150-minute sessions, feedback on up to 8 pages per week, unlimited access to all RWW classes and events during the session, AND a one-on-one 60 minute session with your teacher. One-on-one consultations will be scheduled at the first session. Students will be encouraged to share work weekly, using Dropbox for collaboration and commenting.