From opening greetings to closing salutations, “literary letters” give writers the opportunity to gently confront issues like love, loss, and lack of resolution. Join us Saturday, September 23rd from 2pm-4pm for Yours Truly, where we will draw on inspiration from epistolary traditions to facilitate reflection, deepen journal writing practices, and explore the dynamic connection between communication and creativity. After reading examples of famous letters and epistolary poetry, we will discuss how the “mindful missive” format allows us to constructively address a wide range of emotional experiences. We will touch on topics including but not limited to “Dear Diary” journaling, “notes to self” for personal growth, open letters for activism, and letter-writing as a means of coping with trauma or loss. Prompts will allow participants to apply aspects of letter writing to private and/or creative work. As in all Exquisite Corpus workshops, writers are encouraged to join the discussion but no one will be pressured to share. Writers of all levels, genres, and areas of interest are invited. 

Exquisite Corpus workshops are free, but donations are greatly appreciated and will be accepted at each session. 
This month’s donations will be passed on to relief organizations helping hurricane victims in Texas and Florida. 

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